Deloitte Developer Studio

Common Visualization Framework


Senior Technical Consultant • 2019-Febuary to 2016-November

Lead developer of a scalable, flexible, cloud-based HRMS product that supports curated personas.

  • Worked on multiple POCs that were incorporated into the product. Optimized the query execution. Optimized for high load as well. Set up the CI/CD pipeline. Developed customized workflows with approvals tasks.

  • Worked on Webservices exposed as REST. Developed hybrid app as well and microservices to support large scale of notifications.

  • Worked on AWS services that was used in product.

Technologies: Salesforce, Java, Message Queue, Google Analytics, AWS

Deloitte Developer Studio

Senior Technical Consultant • 2016-October to 2016-April

Developed cloud based application to enable data scientists to import large data, ingest to a data lake, transform and visualize the data.

Technologies: Tomcat, Spring Boot, Redis, MongoDB

Common Visualization Framework

Senior Technical Consultant • 2016-March to 2015-November

Built a common framework to visual data. Responsible for developing a library for rendering visualizations of the data using VEGA in Javascript.

Technologies: Javascript, Browerify, Grunt, Vega, npm