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Basic Acceptance Test Suite

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Automate Resource comparision

Bats was designed to allow you to automate comparision of values in config files likeXML PROPERTIES JSON APACHE config SHELL

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Validate success/failure of shell commands

Bats lets you run shell commands on remote machines via ssh and verify whether ouput matches a given regex

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Extract values

Bats allows you to extract values of certain properties from one resource and compare them to values of different properties in another resource of same or different type

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Dynamically define locations

Bats enables to dynamically define the properties and resource location

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Generate simplified or detailed logs

Bats allows to see simple or verbose logs

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Define complex flows

Define complex flows with ‘one-to-one’ or ‘one-to-many’ comparisons

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Define custom behavior on error

Define custom behavior on error ‘FILE_NOT_FOUND’. For example should ‘FILE_NOT_FOUND’ fail validation or should it ignore and move on.